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UNDER THE REEFS ORCHESTRA - Sakurajima still.jpg


This screening session features 12 short films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Alfred Sküll Gallery, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


Entry is free and includes a drink! Reservations are not required, but optional. Reserve your seats here.


Status Quontinuum still.jpg

Status Quontinuum (Belgium) by Guido Devadder


Synopsis: Status Quontinuum' contemplates the inner struggle of mankind, much akin to Schopenhauer's Will: the ceaseless, restless striving for satisfaction turning around in circles ad nauseam. Running time: 00:01:00.


Selections/awards: Life Screenings One Minute Festival, Motus Imago, Citric Signals, ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival.


About the director: Guido Devadder is a visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium, working mostly with graphic narrative and animation, published and exhibited internationally. He teaches at the Audiovisual Arts department of LUCA School of Arts and is currently working on a practice based PhD scrutinising the media archaeology of loop animation.

The Prisoner_edited.jpg

The Prisoner (Poland) by Łukasz Gierańczyk, Filip Drzewiecki




Synopsis: One night with an ex-convict on the streets of Vancouver. Inspired by cinéma-vérité. Running time: 00:14:24.


Selections/awards: MakeDox Creative Documentary FF, Ghent Viewpoint Documentary FF, Int. Short FF of Cyprus, and more.


About the director: Lukasz Gieranczyk is a first time filmmaker. Filip Drzewiecki directed "The Briefing" which premiered at the 61st Dok Leipzig and was awarded by Canal+ Poland for the Best Short Documentary.

Before We Collide.jpg

Before We Collide (UK) by Guy Gooch, Gregor Petrikovic


Synopsis: Before We Collide is a short film shot on a Nishika N8000 analog lenticular camera consisting of over 800 photographs pieced together. In a haunting encounter, the film captures our fragmented perception of time during the pandemic while exploring the dynamics of mutual support. The film does not give the impression that it is made for me, you, or anyone for that matter. It simply exists as an artifact that can be witnessed, like found footage of a ghostly apparition. Running time: 00:01:10.


Selections/awards: Super Shorts London FF, Brussels Independent FF, Hong Kong Arthouse FF, Boston Short FF, and more.

I leave.jpg

I Leave (Switzerland) by Aline d'Auria


Synopsis: When Michael was born, his mother couldn't afford to take care of him. So Norman did. He became like a father, more than a father. He quit his job and stayed home. Then, one of them had to leave. Running time: 00:08:44.


About the director: Aline d’Auria (1982) is a Swiss-born photographer and film director living in Chiasso, Switzerland. Aside from her commercial work, Aline works as an independent film director and designer. She focuses mainly on spaces (real, physics and metaphysics) and people, attempting to understand how they interact with each other. Her films have been selected and have received prizes from International Film Festivals and are part of the collection of the New York Tribeca Film Institute Reframe Collection and the Vienna International Media Centre.


Poise (Portugal) by Luís Soares




Synopsis: A sad and restrained man lying on the bed in his empty room. Hesitates, ponder hypotheses in a cycle without deciding, stuck. In exhaustion all anguish equals. Another man is sitting at the window: he looks at him and to the street. Characters in broken situations. The key positions, the suspended sequences, are shown. The man almost decides - and they almost return, inside and out, to them and to the city, time and movement. Infinite dawn. Running time: 00:07:00.


Selections/awards: Slamdance FF, Indielisboa, Brussels Independent FF, Curta Cinema Brazil, Animac (Winner Audience Award), and more.


About the director: Luís Soares' (Lisbon, 1981) first animated film, Any Other Man, premiered at the Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival in 2012 and participated in dozens of international festivals and shows where it won five prizes. His second animated film, Poise, premiered at the 17th IndieLisboa in 2020.


Under The Reefs Orchestra - Sakurajima (Belgium) by Yoann Stehr, David Delruelle


Synopsis: In the south of Japan, a small town named Kagoshima faces the Sakurajima volcano. This volcano regularly erupts ashes and lava flows. The inhabitants of the city take out all their umbrellas, to protect themselves from the ash rain, while continuing their daily activities. This clip, entirely made from traditional collages, will turn around this motif: a civilization petrified in its daily life facing an agonizing nature. Will the demiurge artist manage to save humanity? Running time: 00:04:27.


Selections/awards: Courts mais trash Brussels.


Phosphenes (Australia) by Sofie Mcclure


Synopsis: Phosphenes: the colours you see when you close your eyes tightly or press them with your fingers. Inviting you to close your eyes, Phosphenes exposes the porous nature of the body’s boundaries, exploring how we come to ‘see’ our body through the eyes and touch of another. Using the eyes like hands, bodies loom too close to the camera, becoming subsumed by colour and disappearing into disjointedness. Running time: 00:14:21.


Selections/awards: Sydney World FF (Best Experimental Film).


About the director: Sofie McClure is a queer non-fiction filmmaker based in Melbourne. She's interested in exploring 'haptic' approaches to interviewing and filming.


Lekeo (Switzerland) by Jonathan Jäggi


Synopsis: Lekeo is a war cry. This piece contains the rage of the people of the African continent on its knees which seeks the means to get up because it will never admit defeat. Lekeo symbolizes the choices of thousands of unarmed men and women who choose to fight, with surrender not being an option. The video clip Lekeo is a collaboration between Rapper Yao Bobby, noise artist Simon Grab and filmmakers Jonathan Jäggi and Tobias Kubli. Running time: 00:05:06.


About the director: Swiss filmmaker Jonathan Jäggi (1993, Zurich) studied Multimedia Production at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur until 2016, where he realized his first audiovisual works such as cinematic portraits, music videos and a crime series in the mountains. Along the way, he engaged as a consulting editor and journalist at the cultural magazine Quottum. His biggest project so far is the feature film Tranquillo, where he was responsible for script, direction, co-production.

Under the Ashoka tree.jpg

Under the Ashoka tree (Belgium) by Jialai Wang




Synopsis: Through the screen of my phone, it seems that my mother is closer to me than she ever was. Now that we are at thousand miles from each other, we finally can talk. Me in Europe, she in Asia, both in the hand of Buddha. Running time: 00:18:40.Selections/awards: Ghent Viewpoint Documentary FF, Doc.Berlin (Best Experimental Documentary.


About the director: Born in Shanghai, one of the most materialistic cities on Earth, in a time of fast and brutal change for China, Jialai Wang was raised by her mother in the Buddhist tradition. Fascinated by dreams and surrealism, she currently studies in Belgium and her work draws inspiration from an extreme attention to unseen details of the daily life and a deep feeling of estrangement.

RIP 9-5.jpg

RIP 9-5 (USA) by Ben Alderman




Synopsis: A Y2K apocalypse takes place inside of computers as a result of binary code and monopoly capitalism. Running time: 00:02:12.

Heat Wave Hallucination.png

Heat Wave Hallucination (USA) by Jil Guyon


Synopsis: Heat Wave Hallucination is a kaleidoscopic self-portrait that transports the viewer into a psychedelic world of vibrant color and dramatic, hypnotic sound. Running time: 00:01:29.


About the director: Jil Guyon is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist and performer. Her performance-videos have screened at theaters, cinemas, museums, galleries, and concert halls worldwide.

Thousand staring eyes.jpg

Thousand Staring Eyes (Mexico) by Nicolas Gutierrez Wenhammar




Synopsis: Mara, a 19-year-old woman from San Pedro Sula, came to Mexico fleeing her past. The place where she lived never accepted her, it is something she will not forget. Mara works in a small, dark hotel room. We listen to what she thinks, all the memories, dreams and nightmares that inhabit her mind. Running time: 00:15:00.


Selections/awards: Morelia IFF, Black Canvas, Festival del Puerto.


About the director: Gutierrez Wenhammar (Mexico, 1991) has directed three short films and two feature films. His works have been selected in festivals like FICM, FICUNAM, DOCSMX, San Sebastian IFF, L'Alternativa, Sitges, ZINEBI, Shanghai IFF among others. He is part of a long running documentary transmedia project named DERIVA.MX.

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