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This screening session features 7 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Alfred Sküll Gallery, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


Entry is free and includes a drink! Reservations are not required, but optional. Reserve your seats here.



2020 (USA) by Tom Bessoir


Synopsis: A film for 2020, a year to remember. 2020 different colors create a flicker film. Music by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). Running time: 00:01:41.


Selections/awards: Super Shorts NY&LA, Brussels Independent FF.


About the director: Tom (NY, 1957) studied mathematics and electrical engineering while also taking advantage of Art School classes, focusing on film theory and studying experimental filmmaking with Robert Breer. In the late 1970s, he started photographing the downtown music scene. His photographs have appeared on dozens of records as well as in films, books, magazines, and newspapers. Tom's experimental films often use mathematics to explore perception and the structure of cinema. In the arts, he is best known for Microfilm (1979), Digits of Pi (2019), and his photography documenting downtown NYC.


Introduction (USA) by Michael Amter


Synopsis: Narrated introduction for the 14-Days experimental video, contemplating the past, present, future in poetic format with biographical reference. Running time: 00:02:00.


Selections/awards: Japan IFF, Balneário Camboriú IFF, Athens Digital Arts Festival, On Art – Poland, International Video Poetry Festival, FilmArte Festival, Iconic Images FF, New Wave Short FF, Luleå IFF, Dimension Independent FF, and more.


About the director: Michael Amter has a diverse background, including extensive work in television and film production to support his personal artistic endeavors. The artist has exhibited extensively throughout the globe, beginning professionally with the iconic 01 Gallery in Los Angeles during the early 90’s. Later he would be known for a wild variety of film/video experiments, rewarded by several opportunities to contemplate various themes with extensive travel in France, Japan, Singapore, etc.


Necrosis (Argentina) by Maria Paula Monesterolo


Synopsis: Extensive plundering and pillage of ressources, destruction of the natural habitat, toxic pollution and an exponential acceleration of climatic imbalance lead to the last chapter of the Anthropocene era. As the human species is not capable of finding sustainable ways with mother earth, one catastrophe starts following the other. In a state of panic and self-destruction, ravaged by new diseases, necrotic cell death start occurring in human bodies in response to severe changes in physiological conditions - a chaotic breakdown of human cells under intolerable conditions. In 'Necrosis' a human comes into possession of a strange artifact that allows them to accelerate into an advanced stage of human evolution. Their transformation is initially terrifying, but eventually accepted. The old body dies and and a new state of being emerges. Running time: 00:04:00.


About the director: Maria is a 23-year-old cinematographer and visual artist based in Buenos Aires. She is currently finishing a film studies degree and has also been working as a digital and film photographer. Her body of work explores mainly portraits and human nudity. In her work as a photographer, she pursues the creation of intimate and delicate moments, so as to reveal the bare human essence.


Let's (France) by Annabelle Gangneux


Synopsis: Apartments and photos. Initially, a game. There, meet David B. I dive into boxes, I open albums. David B., cats, Tours, postcards, a stamp album, movie posters, a Lulu, bridesmaids' dresses, numbers… I cross time. Running time: 00:11:56.


Selections/awards: Festival de Clermont Ferrand, Toronto International Women FF, L.A. Indies (Best Short Documentary Film), Miami Indie Film Awards.


FOIE (Germany) by Kumo Taro


Synopsis: FOIE (Fading OUT In Expression) is a short exploration of identity. It puts special emphasis on the detached perception of individuals in today's society. In ever growing cities, we're bombarded with new impressions every second. Consequently we loose focus, interest, curiosity and people can become invisible beings. So why do we even care to present ourselves? Why do we perform for a blind audience? Is there a pure, raw essence in each of us, or are we exclusively defined by our surroundings? Running time: 00:01:54.


Crying (USA) by Maya Skye Henderson


Synopsis: Silent short film about crying. Running time: 00:03:22.


Trixie (Switzerland) by Bastien Genoux




Synopsis: A sensitive portrait of an 80 years old woman recollecting her life as a dancer. Her personal experience highlights an existence enthralled by the great dance icons she had the opportunity to meet. She addresses the intimate topic of her aging body in a profoundly charming and brutally honest manner, with both her body and her voice as testimonies to her outstanding career. Running time: 01:20:00.


Selections/awards: Hofer Filmtage, Journées de Soleure.


About the director: Swiss-born filmmaker and cinematographer Bastien Genoux (1976) is involved in many performing arts projects, creating visuals and films for theater and dance shows. "Living-room dancers" screened as the opening film at FIFA (Montreal) in 2010. Testimonies are always in the center of his sensitive approach valuing atypical life paths as weaved recently in a more political way for “Me duele la Memoria”.

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