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This screening session features 5 films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

Velvet Room, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


Entry is free and includes a drink! Reservations are not required, but optional. Reserve your seats here.

Kiss-Crash .jpeg

Kiss/Crash (United Kingdom) by Adam Cole

What destruction is triggered by romance? What pleasure is there in a car crash

Kiss/Crash is a provocative short film that uses AI-generated imagery to explore the theme of desire and the expanding gap between real experience and artificial representation in the digital age. Here, an AI repeatedly and lovingly translates a car crash into a kiss, increasing in intensity with every collision. The piece creates a compelling metaphor between two seemingly unrelated Hollywood images: the violent car crash and the romantic kiss. Drawing on a familiar cinematic language, this piece also connects AI imagery to a long history of image-production technologies meant to incite and homogenize our desires through artificial representations.

Running time: 00:01:10

The strait between us .jpeg

The strait between us (Belgium) by Yun tien Chu

During the pandemic time, a Taiwanese filmmaker living abroad wanted to write a visual letter to her father, who lives in her hometown. Through this letter, she crawled through her opposing political positions and the origins of their conflict.

Running time: 00:17:49

The Seven Cults .jpeg

The Seven Cults (Netherlands) by Jerom Fischer

Super short experimental films that give us a glimpse into the world of seven fictitious cults. Each with their own system of belief, rituals and objects of worship. 

Running time: 00:01:00

Just Listen to the Storm .jpeg

Just Listen to the Storm (France) by Hannah Papacek Harper
An experimental short which is a ode to human nature and a questioning on womanhood. Just Listen to the storm is a poetic expression of feminine power through a return to natural elements.
Running time: 00:01:00

Nobody Knows Casper .jpeg

Nobody Knows Casper (Denmark) by René Odgaard

The self-proclaimed biggest man-child on YouTube, the character ‘Ask Casper’ is successful with his transgressive and self-exhibiting videos. But as the number of subscribers grow, so does Casper’s inner unease and memories of an upbringing with a dad with schizophrenia begin to surface.  Over an eight-year period, we follow Casper and his growing internet fame as he tries navigating in the blurred lines between online and offline presence. Casper becomes a father but maybe never really an adult. 

Running time: 01:12:06

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