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This special section is available for streaming only. Streaming on from September 25 to October 15, 2023. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

I guess at some point, you arrive somewhere. .jpeg

I guess at some point, you arrive somewhere. (Belgium) by Sébastien Simon Bovie

Walking through a theme park —and one themed to the extent of Disneyland— leaves the visitor wandering/wondering. In an essayistic Proustian manner, thoughts are dissected in a stream of consciousness. Edited in film-notes and ending up in fragmented little chapters, the movie explores notions of the hyper-real, the distance between the individual and their surroundings, and the imposibility to connect to the (O)ther.

Running time: 00:10:39

The Sound of Nowhere .jpeg

The Sound of Nowhere (Brazil) by Thomas Webber

A romance shot in São Paulo that revolves about the anguish, beauty and chaos of falling in love in a metropolis. It is an audiovisual experiment designed to be consumed in the most current way: on our cell phones.

Running time: 00:07:00

shadow work .jpeg

Shadow work (United States) by Lorenzo Bradford
Shadow work explores a St. Louis archive to tend to the dark spaces concealed in our collective past. While recycling materials awash with Black death and dispossession it asks: How can we look without falling in? 

Running time: 00:15:00

The White List_edited.png

The White List (Italy) by DEADEND

On the flight to death we passengers, inert and numb, are fed reassuring commercials and badly devised liescasts. This shining, not-so-clever dictechtorship turned us into a self-obsessed cellphone society. Our legacy, the Internet jail and a planet we killed. But is it fair to say “we”?

Running time: 00:08:01

Permission to land .jpeg

Permission to land (Australia) by Martin Gerigk

War. Fragility. Instruction Abidance. Intuition. Digitalization. Dichotomous decision paths. What would we do if we were given the freedom to direct possibilities?

Running time: 00:03:10


Retardation (Sweden) by Nils Agdler

”The Great Acceleration” gained momentum in the 1950s with the Western man at the wheel. The growth curves turned sharply upwards and so did, and still do, the human impact on the biosphere. But what if this man begins to see himself as a small part of nature instead of striving to "conquer" it? What if he abandons the pursuit of status and the ever-expanding claims to power? What if he slows down and throws his paralyzing yoke? Is he still a Man then?
Running time: 00:04:45

Bitter Resource .jpeg

Bitter Resource (United States) by Dane Cree

A resource intended to help becomes a hindrance and catastrophe ensues.

Running time: 00:00:57

Atmospheric Marginalia .jpeg

Atmospheric Marginalia (United States) by Adam E. Stone
Equal parts poetic essay film and family folklore, Atmospheric Marginalia is an enchanting probe into a pair of star-crossed lovers and misfits, the continuing bonds theory of grief, and the existence of an afterlife. Steeped in the tradition of raw, no-budget guerrilla filmmaking, it was filmed entirely by hand on an unmodified iPhone 8 in 2020 and 2021, without the use of tripods, external lenses, lighting aids, etc. The film's free-flowing cycles of imagery feature unconventional palettes of unpeopled skyscapes and waterscapes that evoke, in rich and enigmatic detail, a world that often remains hidden in plain sight. 

Running time: 01:15:07

Keratin .jpeg

Keratin (United Kingdom) by Charles Jimenez, Scarlett Wang, Catarina Dias Silva, Stella Rosenkvist, Isobel O Gorman

After a mating of elements, two bodies grieve over a lost third: a child separated from their womb.

The three bodies regain connection in a wombic journey, bound by their keratin. This spiritually networks the three into an eternal fusion of a collective body.

Running time: 00:03:45

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