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This special section is available for streaming only. Streaming on from September 25 to October 15, 2023. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.

The First Two .jpeg

The First Two (Hungary) by Balázs Szövényi-Lux

After an unsuccessful marriage attempt Sasha needs to leave Budapest and her Hungarian boyfriend to continue her studies in the USA. As the day progresses, their special bond makes separating in the morning a difficult choice.

Running time: 01:23:06

Silent Trilogy.jpeg

Silent Trilogy (Peru) by Daniel Rodriguez-Risco

Silent films are back.

In the words of film critic Sebastián Pimentel, Silent Trilogy “conveys a simple but very powerful idea: the idea that from the love of silent cinema one can discover the secret quintessence of moving images.

A current of thought unites the three episodes in a coherent way, embodied with few elements which make space, time and movement purely cinematographic modes of expression. Voice is not needed. Yes, there are sounds, music, but not human voices, as in primitive cinema. There are faces, slow or fast movements, despair, fatality, a barely glimpsed horror, desire and fear of freedom. There is also love, perhaps as an illusion, rather than as a reality.

Running time: 00:40:00

Charming Habits.jpeg

Charming Habits (Lithuania) by Paulius Aničas

Film shows genderless nature of works of art and questions poetry’s existence in language as a sign system. Poet creates something living his time of daydreams, nightmares and writings.

Running time: 00:20:00


Archeìo (Switzerland) by Jonathan Moratal

It is very complicated to get rid of your guilt. Stay calm, Archeìo will take care of it.    

Running time: 00:02:20


-15 (Lithuania) by Rinaldas Tomasevicius

Alexei is released on probation after 15 years in prison. He is assisted by a sympathetic social worker. Vilnius at night is full of provocative situations. It is difficult for Alexei to accept the new order. He restrains himself and tries not to follow the old bandit habits. Depressed by guilt, he tries to come to terms with his daughter Maja, who has become a prostitute. However, every attempt has failed.

Running time: 00:27:34


Ride (Australia) by Jeno Kim

A woman and a driver share a car ride. Whilst sharing the liminal space, the mysterious pair discover they may be more connected to each other than they realise. 

Running time: 00:07:10

Trance Action Delivery .jpeg

Trance Action Delivery (Belgium) by Florian Giroul

Inside a private digital network infected by virtual meta-creatures, a humanoid has to fight his inner demons in order to save his cyberspace from final downfall. During this process, he stumbles upon a greater truth within. This music video explores how humans can navigate the arising conflicts in relation to their own digital alter-egos

Running time: 00:03:08

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