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Find out more about past official selections at Obskuur Ghent Film Festival.


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Heat Wave Hallucination (USA) by Jil Guyon

2020 (USA) by Tom Bessoir (Best Minimalistic Film)

Contrapunctus I (Germany) by Qunyuan Wang

Sleep Serene (Canada) by Daniel Haack

Necrosis (Argentina) by Paula Monesterolo

I leave (Switzerland) by Aline d'Auria

Lekeo (Switzerland) by Jonathan Jäggi

Trixie (Switzerland) by Bastien Genoux  (Best Documentary Film)

Rebel Hall (Iran) by Hassan Mokhtari

Play Misty for Me, Siri (Australia) by Kieran Boland

Snake Dick (USA) by David Mahmoudieh

Foie (Germany) by 

A dog you are (Austria) by Benjamin Laabmayr

Atlas (France) by Jim Vieille (Best Music Video)

Dynamite (France) by Jim Vieille

Crying (Not Specified) by Maya Skye Henderson

Letter to my mother (Iran) by Amina Maher

Scars (Canada) by Alex Anna (Best Animated Film)

High Winds & Slippery Surfaces (UK) by Pernille Spence, Corinne Jola, Zoë Irvine

Status Quontinuum (Belgium) by Guido Devadder

[At the Wall of the Sea] (Belgium) by Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern

The Armor (France) by David Fitt

Before We Collide (UK) by Guy Gooch, Gregor Petrikovic

Under the Ashoka tree (Belgium) by Jialai Wang

A Howling Dog (Netherlands) by Stijn van Gorkum (Best Special Effects)

Introduction (USA) by Michael Amter

Camping Paraíso** – About dying (Germany) by Daniel Schüßler (Best Hybrid Film)

Leap (Argentina) by Juan Baio, Eino Antonio

The Dream Machine (France) by Michael William West (Best Experimental Film)

Cabin Ban (Norway) by Finn Walther

Once There Was III (USA) by Nina McNeely (Best Dance Film)

The Blue Knight (Not Specified) by Gustavo Gomes

Mamma (Norway) by Aslak Danbolt  (Best Narrative Film)

Let's (France) by Annabelle Gangneux

Shivering wall . (Taiwan) by Tseng Yu Chin (Best Installation Film)

Before the Earthquake (Sweden) by Gustav Hugo Olsson

RIP 9-5 (USA) by Ben Alderman

Clone Xi - Medanit Yeleshim (Ethiopia) by Abel Mekasha

Machine Clean (USA) by Michael Workman

tata reading from bernhard's frost (Australia) by Darik Janik

The Prisoner (Poland) by Łukasz Gierańczyk, Filip Drzewiecki (Best Underground Film)

a story that doesn't have to do with me (USA) by Kymberly McDaniel

Heart of the Earth (USA) by Lindsay Gilmour

Du sang du singe (Belgium) by Alex Orma

Beloved (Iran) by Yaser Talebi

I won’t remain alone (Iran) by Yaser Talebi (Best Connecting Cultures Film)

The Pitch (USA) by Eno Freedman Brodmann

The Primal Bodies (Iran) by Soheil Chivaee

Poise (Portugal) by Luís Soares

Upsodown (Australia) by Nathan Ceddia

Under The Reefs Orchestra - Sakurajima (Belgium) by Yoann Stehr, David Delruelle (Best Belgian Film)

Rebirth (Sweden) by Nils Agdler

Phosphenes (Australia) by Sofie McClure

Thunder (Ukraine) by Orest Smylanetz

Thousand staring eyes (Mexico) by Nicolas Gutierrez Wenhammar

Disappearing Silence (Canada) by Sarah Seené

Spontaneous (United States) by Lori Felker (Best Documentary Film)

Comments (Germany) by Jannis Alexander Kiefer

Stay if You Can / Go If You Must (Hong Kong) by Elysa Wendi

TREi & Jabz MC - Magma (New Zealand) by Jamie Wanstall

 A rock (Hong Kong) by Shing Lee

 Supernatural Report (United Kingdom) by Robert Turnbull

Electric Bird (Austria) by Studio KOMOREBI (Best Animated Film)

RECAPTCHA (United States) by Heather Warren-Crow

The Big Interview (Belgium) by Michiel Zeguers

Vivant (Argentina) by Carlos Nahuel Cerutti

Ophelia (France) by Hadi Moussally

Quantum Clouds (Greece) by Dimitris Giouzepas

Contact (Canada) by Frédéric Desjardins

Things Floating in the Hudson (United States) by Ellen Sampson

Diaphone Island (Switzerland) by Yannick Mosimann (Best Experimental Film)

121 days (United Kingdom) by Livio Bondi

 Otherworld (United States) by Louis Hock

Digital love (remix) (Germany) by Raphaël Languillat (Best Music Video)

Korridor (Germany) by Walter Duncan, Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Everything Is Under Control (United Kingdom) by Roland Denning (Best Underground Film)

4913 Colors (United States) by Tom Bessoir

Haiku from a Dead Poet (Brazil) by Akira Kamiki

Sleep Mask (Greece) by Phryne Konti

Kuleshov and the virus (Brazil) by Gunga Guerra

Transponder (Belgium) by Thomas Verijke (Best Belgian Film)

Not a Robot (United Kingdom) by George Summers

Worldline Abyss (United Kingdom) by Jack Lewis

Just Like The Films (Portugal) by Sara N. Santos

Cities of Ladies 1 (WE) (United Kingdom) by Kim Noce

Pigeon (United States) by Raphael Halloran (Best Narrative Film)

Muria (Spain) by Ismael Aveleira Escapa, Marina Diéz González

We are all on the same bus (Portugal) by Nuno Serrão

*** (fish) (Poland) by Filip Bojarski

I was Born (Misfit) (Australia) by Gaele Sobott

Old Child (Belgium) by Elettra Bisogno

Monster Encounters (Germany) by James Smith

Physical Thoughts (United States) by Anne Hollowday

Adem aan Adem / Breath to Breath (Netherlands) by Miloushka Bokma

Married People (United Kingdom) by Tyro Heath

Ophelia (Belgium) by Yben Willems

 Meeting (Germany) by Jannis Alexander Kiefer



Born Like a Bullet (Chile) by Jimmy Fernandez

023_GRETA_S (Germany) by Annika Birgel (Best Narrative Film)

Sometimes a little Sin is good for the Soul (Canada) by Alex Beriault

Your Beautiful Rubber Brain (Netherlands) byJelmer Wristers

Kameleon (United Kingdom) by Merike van de Vijver

NATURE.MEADOW.SKY.LONG SHOT. (Switzerland) by Yannick Mosimann

Delivery (United Kingdom) by Merike van de Vijver

noonwraith blues (United Kingdom) by Kamila Kuc

collage25 (Spain) by Luis Carlos Rodríguez

Radio Sueño (Belgium) by Anna Verkouteren Jansen, Rani Decock (Best Belgian Film)

Mantis (United States) by Jeremy Newman

The animal that therefore I am (Netherlands) by Bea de Visser

Catch a glimpse - Dark Energy (United Kingdom) by Anders Sundstedt (Best Music Video)

Next Of Kin (Belgium) by Alexander Wolfgang

I will go backwards of our path (Italy) by Mattia Biondi

Monumen Diam (Belgium) by Haryo Sukmawanto

Silence (United States) by Boyang Li

Spora (Belgium) by Loes Vanneste, Lena Mariën (Best Animated Film)

Chained (Japan) by Takafumi Sakabe

Peaks (United States) by Amahl Khalil

DARE! (Sweden) by Gustav Olsson

6 swans (United States) by Maria A Norris

for nonno (Australia) by Sam Calafiore

Life(y) (United Kingdom) by Cristobal Catalan

Spec-i-men (Australia) by Lynne Sanderson

Almost Nowhere (Belgium) by Alexander Wolfgang

Deternity (Austria) by Mersolis Schöne, Evi Jägle

14-Days (United States) by Michael Amter

A.WAY (Belgium) by Glenn Dumortier (Best Underground Film)

Following...? (Belgium) by Bruno Cerpa Moreno

Monocular (United States) by Amahl Khalil

Darkness of Otherwhere (Japan) by Ayoub Qanir (Best Experimental Film)

Born Just Now (United States) by Robert Adanto (Best Documentary Film)

Stone (Japan) by Jeroen Van der Stock



An Apartment In New York (United States) by Chad Knuth

Mongol (United States) by Hao Zheng (Best Music Video)

Decorum (Australia) by Lorenzo Monti (Best Narrative Film)

Reading wild lands (dispersal 6-18-048-02 W5) (Canada) by Alana Bartol (Best Animated Film)

Shelly (United States) by Katie Vida (Best Underground Film)

Meltdown (United Kingdom) by Guli Silberstein (Best Experimental Film)

MHD (United States) by Alejandro Watson (Best Documentary Film)

Invitation (Netherlands) by Sjoerd Martens

Light Matter (Austria) by Virgil Widrich

A Comfortable Hole (United States) by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar

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