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Sunday, 14 February, 14.00

Sunday, 14 February, 15.30

Sunday, 14 March, 14.00

Sunday, 14 March, 15.30


Alfred Sküll Gallery, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Ghent, Belgium


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the allowed number of visitors is limited and tickets are required. Tickets are 4 EUR each. Get yours here.

COVID-19 stipulations

Please respect social distancing rules while in the gallery (1.5m).

Masks covering mouth and nose are mandatory.

Not a Robot (United Kingdom)

By George Summers


A robot tries to break into a human facility, and is asked a security question...

Running time: 00:01:00


Worldline Abyss (United Kingdom)

By Jack Lewis


A lone astronaut drawn to an alien desert by an ominous sphere finds exactly what he was looking for buried amongst the sand.

Running time: 00:02:48


Just Like The Films (Portugal)

By Sara N. Santos


"I always needed fiction to make sense of reality". A cinematic image fills the void left by the death of a loved one. This is a film about loss, loneliness and the love for the movies.

Running time: 00:10:00


Cities of Ladies 1 (WE) (United Kingdom)

By Kim Noce


'Cities of Ladies' is an immersive poetic animation documentary trilogycreated through multi-disciplinary art practices to foster hope, change and promote self-development; through the exploration and recognition of personal views and ideologies.
It is the first part of a trilogy inspired by 'The Book of the City of Ladies' by Christine de Pizan (1364 – c. 1430).

Running time: 00:05:00


Pigeon (United States)
By Raphael Halloran


A solitary middle-aged pigeon keeper who spends his days on a rooftop in Brooklyn, undergoes a crisis when one of his pigeons gets shot down. The story follows how this seemingly insignificant event compounds to threaten his world. ‘Pigeon’ is a cinematic meditation on alienation and life on the fringe of society.

Running time: 00:07:23


Muria (Spain)

By Ismael Aveleira Escapa, Marina Diéz González


Muria is an attempt to find a definite moment within the cycles of life. A dream that is born with the self-awareness of the human being and that does not stop with the invention of writing. In the province of León (Spain) and surroundings, a muria is a set of stones that can be used to divide terms.

Running time: 0:04:00


We are all on the same bus (Portugal)

By Nuno Serrão


We are all on the same bus, but some of us are more awake than others. 

Running time: 00:02:00


*** (fish) (Poland)

By Filip Bojarski


Short film about consciousness.

Running time: 00:02:00


I was Born (Misfit) (Australia)

By Gaele Sobott


Golden eyes see in the dark...

Running time: 00:05:10


Old Child (Belgium)

By Elettra Bisogno


A journey fragmented by spectral images, found, trembling scenes, tied together by the explosive and furious accounts of Hazem, a young rollerskater, separated from Gaza.

Running time: 00:16:33


Monster Encounters (Germany)

By James Smith


Humans encounter various monsters, but each encounter has a consequence.

Running time: 00:01:03


Physical Thoughts (United States)

By Anne Hollowday


A dancer reflects on a recent injury. A dancer's body is their whole life. It is the sum total of their history, it’s the medium through which they make a living and it’s their method of creative expression. After a dramatic injury puts a professional dancer out of action for six months, she reflects on how our physical thoughts reveal who we are, perhaps even more than what we say. A meditation on authenticity, the creative life and facing one's own fears, Physical Thoughts is the document of an injury and a poetic distillation of wisdom for every artist.

Running time: 00:03:32


Adem aan Adem / Breath to Breath (Netherlands)

By Miloushka Bokma


Memories are experiences reflected in someone's face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. I examine the language of the body in relation to its environment. They are a staged-in-context situations, where the human capacity and inability to relate to his or her own history become visible and tangible. 

Running time: 00:05:30


Married People (United Kingdom)

By Tyro Heath


Made during the Covid-19 lockdown, the director paints a portrait of her parents and their long marriage.

Running time: 00:01:29


ophelia (Belgium)

By Yben Willems


Grandaughter takes care of her grandmother.

Running time: 00:04:54


Meeting (Germany)

By Jannis Alexander Kiefer


3 minutes before the online meeting: The welcoming joke is well though out, the bottle is neatly tucked into the underwear, and the internet connection is premium - what could possibly go wrong?

Running time: 00:08:40