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Sunday, 15 November 2020, 16.00-17.00 (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS)

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No reservation needed: walk-in screening


Alfred Sküll Gallery, Alpacastraat 29, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

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Born Like a Bullet (Chile) by Jimmy Fernandez


“'Born Like a Bullet' is a collaboration project which combines poetry, dance and film, all in one, with the objective of creating awareness of our heritage and human rights. Like our black brothers, we have faced social discrimination and constant harassment by certain political figures. We´ve had enough. This must stop now and this is our way of protest. We want to let the world know that we our proud of being latinos.”

Duration: 00:03:30

023_GRETA_S (Germany) by Annika Birgel

A young actress' audition quickly spirals out of control, turning into an intimate and manipulative interrogation. As she fights to stand her ground, one pressing question will remain: how far will she go to get the role? 023_GRETA_S is a disquieting drama about the abuse of power in the film industry.

Duration: 00:11:59

Sometimes a little Sin is good for the Soul (Canada) by Alex Beriault

Experimental short film that takes place within an architectural, almost painterly world. Interior structures, shapes and colours form the unusual spaces within which three women are suspended. Somehow their actions and mobility remain bound to their surroundings, and time moves slower than the speed of life to underscore the strange conditions of these subjects. All the while, a glowing red “Exit” sign periodically reappears to tease and perturb its cold, taciturn surroundings, but no matter how often the sign reveals itself, it never points towards any clear way out.

Duration: 00:08:00

14-Days (United States) by Michael Amter


Eight animated shorts originally created for an international online exhibition featured by Artsy, organized by the Instinc art organization of Singapore, exploring issues presented by the Covid19 pandemic.

Duration: 00:02:00 // Trailer

Your Beautiful Rubber Brain (Netherlands) by Jelmer Wristers


On an old pig farm enclosed by rolling fields, a farmer has taken on the addicted Dennis. Twenty-four hours in an isolated life full of confusion and alienation. This expressionist portrait shows what lies hidden under the everyday lives of a young farmer and Dennis, who is addicted to amphetamine. The farmer feeds his pigs and Dennis surreptitiously feeds the monkey on his back. To avoid being dismissed, he helps where possible. For example, by holding the bleeding piglets when they are being neutered. At night, both men retire into a weird darkness. One plays with a curious installation, the other slips into a futuristic psychosis. Until a new day dawns.

Duration: 00:11:00

Kameleon (United Kingdom) by Merike van de Vijver



Duration: 00:00:20

NATURE.MEADOW.SKY.LONG SHOT. (Switzerland) by Yannick Mosimann


Images of defective 16mm footage evoke mysterious scenes and the photographer reads his notes.

Duration: 00:02:50

Delivery (United Kingdom) by Merike van de Vijver


'Delivery' is an animated interpretation of a poem by Faith Lawrence. The moving images and sound add an extra dimension to the words yet give your mind freedom to flow.

Duration: 00:00:43

noonwraith blues (United Kingdom) by Kamila Kuc


Ominous cinegrams of Albrecht Dürer’s Melencolia print intercut, like cascading scythes, with depictions of a woman in a field, evoking repetitions that exist in harvest rituals, as well as in gestures of madness. Specters of familial anxieties creep into this loose take on the myth of Południca (noonwraith or Lady Midday), a Slavic harvest spirit that could cause madness in those who wandered the fields alone.

Duration: 00:03:29 // Trailer

collage25 (Spain) by Luis Carlos Rodríguez


Duration: 00:04:04 // Trailer

Radio Sueño (Belgium) by Anna Verkouteren Jansen, Rani Decock


In a late-night radio show for the sleepless and distressed, fictional radio host Marisol leads a meditation on dreams while offering solace. Based on the writings from master-of-grief-and-comic-relief graphic novelist Chris Ware, this work creates intimacy while emphasizing the vastness of one’s imagination. Through the shared frequency, our imagination holds a potential to feel connected, whether it be fictional or real.

Duration: 00:09:06



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